Bulldog® stocks and maintains a large inventory of both hydraulic and gasket sealing products. Hydraulic sealing items such as rod seals, rod wipers, rod bearings, piston seals, wear rings, o-rings, back-up rings, and vee-packings are some of the many items that are stocked. Each of these items is designed and/or specified for the critical sealing applications of hydraulic cylinders and other demanding hydraulic sealing applications.


Gasket sealing products such as soft gaskets, reinforced gaskets, and sealing products normally replaced along with gaskets (for example, oil seals, o-rings, and other elastomeric products) are also inventoried.

Hydraulic Cylinder Kits

Engine Gasket Kits

Transmission Seal

& Gasket Kits

All In One Kits

Assortment Kits

Bulldog® Hydraulic Cylinder Kits


Bulldog® brand provides high quality products for use in the following hydraulic applications:


  • Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits
  • Suspension, Hoist & Steering Haul Trucks
  • Hose Coupling Seals and Kits
  • Rod Seals, Bearings and Wipers
  • Piston Seals, Wear Rings and O-Rings
  • Hinge Pin Seals
  • Piston and Vane Seal Kits
  • Valve Body Seals and Gaskets

Bulldog® Engine Gasket Kits


Bulldog® brand engine gasket and seal kits provide high quality products for diesel engines including the following applications:


  • Engine Gaskets and Gasket Groups
  • Head and Oil Pan Gaskets
  • Crankshaft, Oil and Ferrule Seals
  • Steering Clutch and Air Conditioning Seals
  • Water Pump Seals
  • Pre-Combustion Chamber Seals
  • Fuel Injection Pump Seal Groups

Bulldog® Transmission Seal & Gasket Kits


Transmission Gasket and Gasket Groups. Bulldog offers fuel and ? kits using transmission for will ensure long lasting performance of your heavy duty transmission.

Bulldog® All In One Kits


Bulldog® All-In-One Kits contain all the parts necessary for a complete Engine Out of Frame Overhaul, In Frame Overhaul, Cylinder Head Replacement or Single Head Replacement.


Benefits of the All-In-One Kits Program:


  • One complete kit
  • Covers multiple number ranges
  • Less inventory space
  • Less freight cost

Bulldog® O-Ring Kits


Our O-Ring are manufactured from high-quality materials, and all Bulldog® O-rings and seals are pre-designed to to support the repair of:

  • Heavy-duty off-road applications
  • Drive-trains
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Lubrication systems
  • Engine cooling systems
  • Fuel systems

Special attention is paid to the proper selection of gasket materials based upon application considerations. Bulldog® specializes in materials ranging from basic elastomers to highly advanced elastomeric compounds. This allows us to provide our customers with the most successful solutions to the broadest range of sealing applications.


Bulldog® brand products are available for many leading brands of heavy equipment including, but not limited to, Caterpillar®, J.I. Case®, John Deere®, Komatsu®, and Volvo®.





• Articulated Trucks

• Backhoes

• Cable Layers

• Compactors

• Crawler Dozers

• Crawler Loaders

• Excavators

• Graders

• Integrated Toolcarriers

• Landscapers

• Loader Backhoes

• Piper Layers

• Rippers

• Scrapers

• Wheel Dozers

• Wheel Loaders

• Attachment Power Drive

• Compressor Stations

• Drill Rigs

• Generator Sets

• Industrial

• Lift Trucks

• Locomotive

• Marine

• Natural Gas, Oil

• Paving Equipment

• Power Generation

• Pumping Equipment

• Stationary

• Vehicular

• Dozers

• Feller Bunchers

• Forwarders

• Knuckle Boom Loaders

• Loggers

• Saws

• Shears

• Skidders

• Tree Harvesters

• Wheel Loaders

• Articulated Truck

• Bottom Dumps

• Coal Haulers

• Dozers

• Front Shovels

• Graders

• Mine Trucks

• Rear Dumps

• Rippers

• Wheel Loaders

Kit Assembly and Custom Packaging

Bulldog® maintains facilities specifically designed for the assembly of components into kits and other forms of custom packaging. Extensive capabilities have been developed to support the process of kit manufacturing and assembly. Customer requested kits can be easily documented and integrated into our kit assembly process. Custom packaging capabilities include the ability to apply part numbers to items, bags, and boxes. In addition, items can be boxed or placed on flat sheets (for example, corrugated sheets) for the application of labels and shrink-wrapping. These Bulldog® kit and packaging capabilities can offer substantial advantages to customers by providing them with pre-assembled kits for service and repair needs. Pre-assembled kits, when compared to individual components, can provide overall reductions in total product costs by reducing purchasing, receiving, quality control, and warehousing activities. In addition, pre-assembled kits can increase customer serviceability and satisfaction.

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